Just Trying to Sort Things Out

November 28, 2009

Do things ever not make sense to you? Like why you should have to press anything to hear English? Like how people can lose all common sense the minute they step into an airport? Like when they ask you to turn your cell phone off in a theater, they’re talking to everyone except the guy who left it on? Like how could the iPhone be such an amazing machine and AT&T phone service be so wretched? Me too.

That’s why I started this little blog. Partially to preserve my own sanity, and partially to let you know that you’re not alone out there, I’m going to catalog the daily inanities that make us scratch our head, that defy logic, and that are just plain curious. Hope you’ll come along. The intention is not to change the world, but perhaps share a laugh (however sardonic) about the inescapable inanity of every day life.

Not to mention the million and one things that happen every day to which the only healthy response is laughter.

Because they definitely leave us bothered and bewildered.